Our Healing Team – The Imagine Center – Los Angeles 2017-02-10T15:23:30+00:00

Angela Norwood

“I am an Earth Angel here to share that love and light through my healings.  With my grace and gentleness, I bring inner peace through that very same Divine connection. I am able to do all of this with the support of Atlantean Angels and the powerful assistance of the Watchtowers of the East, South, West and North. What you can expect is a truly loving session helping you achieve the balance you’ve been yearning for and reconnect you to who you truly are, the splendid light being inside.”

Graciela De La Cruz

“As we go through this ‘ascension’ process, a journey is taking place. Earth has chosen to experience rapid cellular and spiritual growth. We have chosen to transition our being from dense, heavy molecules to higher, finer and lighter multi-dimensional energy. I believe my purpose is to be a healer, and to share the wonderful world of energetic healing, with the use of crystals and with the understanding of the chakra system.”

Jose Villalpando

“I have been awakening to the spiritual light healing over 18 years. My practices are Reiki Master/ Teacher, Crystal Healer and Shamanic work. My presence is deeply compassionate and powerfully uplifting. It is my pleasure to serve you.”

Claudia Pineda

Claudia is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Munay- Ki Rites Giver, Energy Healer, and student of Shamanic Healings, and Full Mesa Carrier in the lineage of the Inca Shamans of Peru. Her gifts are constantly evolving as she pursues growth through different healing modalities and the teachings of her beloved Spiritual Guides.

Lisa O’Laughlin

Blessed at birth with an abundance of love and joy, compassion and intuition, Lisa O’Laughlin nurtured her gifts at the Imagine Center under the direction of Goddess Tauhueedah.   Fully tuned into the Divine and Angelic Realm, she receives clear guidance from her Angels on how best to serve those who seek her help in healing and filling their hearts with love.  Lisa is a powerful conduit between Divine Love and her fellow humans… as well as their animal companions!  A personalized healing session with this Earth Angel has been described as being embraced in a hug from a thousand angels at once!

Ally Villalpando

“I have been guided to create new angelic light body work with the help of my spiritual guides. I’m here to help with your transformation, by clearing, shifting and harmonized your energy with light and divine love. I am a Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and practice shamanic work, guided by the Andes of Peru. I am looking forward seeing you.”

Emily Nichols

“Hello! I am Anahata Emily. I will guide you to a more radiant self with my heart, through the heart. Through connecting to your healing lineages, Sacred Mother Earth and Divine cosmic healing I hold space for your greatest transformation. I offer you to dive deeper through your Akashic Records, transformational breath work, crystal & energy healing, as well the Shamanic work of Dying Consciously. My gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairempathy allow me to see, hear, feel, and tune into your emotional experience, and feel the tones of your aura creating greater potential for you to heal.”

Cherelle Kantey

Cherelle is an intuitive energy healer with plenty of gifts to share with the world. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and receives channeled messages from spirit. Since Cherelle was a little girl, she’s been very sensitive, picking up on the vibrations and voices of her guides. She has a natural healing presence and is adding to her tools at the Imagine Center. She is a certified crystal healer and has received her level I & II Reiki attunement. She is very eager to share her healing gifts with others.