Led by Lily Williams

Come Celebrate the power of the Sun as it shifts into its Energetic starting point – The Summer Solstice!

Learn Solar Origin stories, Meditate to harness the power of the Sun for new beginnings, and Shop for all your Sun Ritual needs.

  ~ Group activities & Giveaways ~

Readings will be lovingly delivered by Lord Apollo’s Oracle, Robert.

Join us in our communal Celebration of the Sun at The Imagine Center!


Lily’s spiritual journey brought her to the Imagine Center while she was attending Film School. Since her initial visit three years ago, her spiritual life has expanded rapidly!

Her focus is to help others remember their cosmic origin and how that relates to Earth’s first peoples.

She is humbled and grateful to step out into her community to impart sacred information in fun and engaging ways. Her intent is that this offering will bring us all closer in unity.